Sms Improve Ability Reads Child

oftentimes will appear habit solicitude berkirim sms (short message service) will reduce ability will speak in children. but, a watchfulness breaks thinking. berkirim sms exactly menyinyalir can to increase ability reads.

in watchfulness that done coventry university, researcher pulls as much as 88 participants, with age distance 10-12 year. respondent is given 10 scenarioes differ, then asked to inscribe all that in the form of sms.

activity ber-sms they mention 'textism this divided to be several categories, that is penyingkatan word, acronym, spell, and as it.

result from textism this is then analyzed to detect how far language use among children.

quoted detikinet from bbc, friday (27/2/2009), obvious the result really make glad. is not found bad impact from activity sms. exactly children ability in read and realize potential words increases.

watchfulness result has been publicized at british journal of developmental psychology.

similar watchfulness also ever done university of toronto. the result not far difference, that is sms has positive impact towards ability speaks children.


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